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About Us

Who is DataMax Technologies? Fiber Optic and Structured Cable Connectivity.

Over 10 years ago, when the fiber business was starting to explode and hardware margins were declining, customers were requesting Fiber Connectivity at a value price. In response to this demand, two partners formed DataMax Technologies with a simple business plan: "Manufacture and distribute the best quality fiber optic cables and assemblies at a fair value price to keep customers coming back!" Since that time DataMax has grown its operation to include domestic and import manufacturing facilities as well as a custom cable division to deliver on their clients immediate needs. DataMax Technologies has proven time and again that relationships do matter and knowing ones customer is key to the ones they supply!

What does DataMax Technologies specialize in?

Our core focus is Fiber Optic and Data Connectivity.

Whether your looking to terminate your own fiber cables or need a pre-assemblied cable we have you covered. Datamax is a stocking supplier for all of the Corning Pretium Unicam Fiber Connectors as well as Termination Kits. Signamax Media Converters make switching fiber to copper a breeze and with ICC Structured Cabling's Guaranteed System Performance from end-to-end for the usable life of the cabling system you know your covered.

We use only the latest technology, advanced construction techniques, the finest components, and compliance standards within industry specifications that optimize cable performance and increase your confidence in YOUR network. 

Who does DataMax Technologies serve?

We have had the pleasure of serving thousands of domestic and international customers over the last ten years. Regardless of size we treat all customers the same based on their needs. Click here to see our client lists for State & Federal, Military, and Enterprise customers. You may want overnight service, prepositioned product around the U.S. or globe, staged product in our warehouse based upon you weekly or monthly needs, or imply a small order for an onsite contractor. We do it all based on what you need. 

If you do not see it on our site.....what do I do?

Just ask! Whether it is a custom solution or an item you purchase from another manufacturer we can deliver. Many times we can also suggest a replacement product that may have a better warranty at a lesser cost. Just email and let one of our networking professionals help you. We accept all forms of credit card payment, credit approved POS, government purchase orders, and international wire payment as well

Datamax is a proud distributer of the following manufacturers:


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