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C5EPP-12 12 port Cat 5e vertical patch panel

C5EPP-12 12 port Cat 5e vertical patch panel

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12 port Cat 5e vertical patch panel

Used as a connection point or aggregation point in the wiring closets of homes and businesses, a patch panel provides the user with the option to quickly reconfigure where the lines are routed. This 12 port vertical mount device is Category 5e compliant and perfect for small companies or homes. A punch-down tool is required to terminate the cables coming from the wall to the back of this device.

  • Category 5e Certified
  • Color Coded TIA/EIA 568a (International) and 568b (AT&T Standard) Wiring For Easy Installation
  • Designed For High Speed Transmissions For Optimal Performance
  • Gold Plated Contacts
  • Industry Standard 110 Or Krone IDC Connectors
  • Premium Quality
  • Wall Mount Bracket Included
This quality Patch Panel allows for the industry standard wiring of multiple networking connections into
a single location inside a building.
This patch panel can be used to consolidate all the network connections in your house or office near
your concentrator, whether it be an Ethernet hub, an Ethernet switch, or an Ethernet/broadband router. This
will give you a single location for troubleshooting network problems and a single place to make changes to
your network configuration.
There are inherent problems with terminating the end of the cable that runs through your walls. For
example, if the connector becomes defective and you do not have enough cable to terminate it a second time,
you must remove another wire. Another possible problem concerns the expansion and contraction from the
movement of the wire. This tends to loosen the crimp of the connector on the cable.
Using a patch panel eliminates these and other problems by:
1) Having a mounted place that the wires terminate to.
2) Using an insulation displacement connection (IDC) instead of a crimp connection.
3) Using a patch cable that is easer to remove and replace if you have to move the concentration equipment.
• Premium Quality
• Category 5e certified
• Wall mount bracket included
• Industry standard 110 or Krone IDC connectors
• Designed for high speed transmissions for optimal performance
• Color coded TIA/EIA 568a (International) and 568b (AT&T Standard) wiring for easy installation
• 5 year warranty
• Compliant with EIA-TIA 568 B-2.1 category 5e gigabit transmission rates
• Includes punch down tool or use GXN-PDT110

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