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FAN-BT25-12 Corning Fan Out Kit 12 Fiber 25 Inches

FAN-BT25-12 Corning Fan Out Kit 12 Fiber 25 Inches

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Corning Fan Out Kit 12 Fiber 25 Inches (FAN-BT25-12)

Corning Cable Systems¿ Indoor and Outdoor Buffer Tube Fan-Out Kits are specifically designed for the termination of 12 fiber buffer tubes. These buffer tube fan-out kits provide the ultimate solution for those users who want to field-install connectors. The kits provide the most compact, easy-to-install fan-out solution requiring no additional hardware or space than that required for terminating tight-buffered cables. Indoor and Outdoor Kits feature a 900 µm Fan-Out Assembly that is color-coded to match the fiber color scheme. The Fan-Out Assembly comes with 12-fiber units in lengths of 25 inches. Features / Benefits: Eliminates strain on fibers by isolating them from tensile forces Colored fan-out tubing Snap-together furcation unit eliminates epoxy for indoor kits Compact design Quick and easy to install Optimized for field termination of cables Excellent fiber routing capabilities Bend radius protection designed into each unit Outdoor kits include additional elements that compensate for wider temperature fluctuations common in outdoor environments

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