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LC-ST 50/125 OM3 Duplex Fiber Cable

LC-ST 50/125 OM3 Duplex Fiber Cable

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LC-ST 50/125 MM OM3 Duplex Fiber Cable

DATAMAX offers high-quality LC to LC Fiber Optic Patch Jumpers designed to meet or exceed industry specifications. LC Fiber Patch Jumpers are perfect for Fast Ethernet, Fibre Channel, Infiniband, ATM and Gigabit Ethernet. The small LC connectors satisfy the need for higher port density both in the telecom room and the work area, and offer twice the port density of traditional SC and ST fiber connectors. Fiber patch cords are used to connect fiber optic equipment to fiber optic cross-connects, interconnects, and information outlets. The LC cable with latch clip design gives each connection greater durability in resisting pulls, strains and impacts durin cabling installs and maintenance. Each cable is individually 100% optically inspected and tested for insertion loss and quality