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PC6-COLOR-05 Category 6 Patch Cable with Boot 5ft

PC6-COLOR-05 Category 6 Patch Cable with Boot 5ft

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Category 6 Patch Cable with Boot 5ft

Network cable with the Universal Boot for connecting a computer to the wall

Ethernet networks are the most common type of networks in existence today. Most of them currently run over twisted pair (UTP) cable. In this network, cross connections between walls and computers, patch panels and equipment, or between two pieces of equipment use patch cables. This cable is designed to go between a computer and the wall or between a patch panel and a piece of equipment. This patch cable is compliant with EIA/TIA 568 B.2-1 standard at a Category 6 Level (commonly called Cat 6). Cat 6 will support the following speed and protocols: 10 Megabit per second Ethernet (10Base-T), 100 Megabit per second fast Ethernet (100Base-TX) and 1 Gigabit per second gigabit Ethernet (1000Base-T or 1000Base-TX).

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